We offer a wide variety of dental services at The Bridge Dental Surgery. We use the latest dental techniques to ensure your dental car is the best it can be. We pride ourselves on first class patient care and attention to detail.


General Dentistry

A general dentist is your primary care dental provider. At the Bridge Dental our dentists diagnose, treat and manage your overall oral health care needs, including gum care, fillings, crowns, bridges and preventive education.


A crown is strong and can look and feel exactly like a natural tooth. The colour and shade can be matched to your own teeth. Not only will a crown improve the appearance of your teeth but it will also make the affected tooth stronger. Crowns are made by preparing your own tooth into a smaller cone shape, taking impressions and sending your measurements to the laboratory. Crowns take 3-4 weeks to fabricate in the lab. A temporary crown will be used to cover to tooth in between the first and final visit.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the large molars found at the very back of the jaw. They are the last teeth to appear (erupt) in the mouth, usually around the age of 16-18. They typically cause discomfort and sometimes infection when they come through. If infections continue to reoccur it may be time to discuss if removing the teeth is an option. Removing wisdom teeth can be tricky so it's usually the last option on the ladder. A panoramic OPG xray will tell us if we can extract the teeth here or refer for a surgical opinion with an Oral Surgeon

Teeth Whitening

We understand how important it is to have confidence in your smile. You can have a brighter smile by bleaching your teeth in a non-invasive treatment. This means no drilling or anaesthetic is required. Teeth and gums must be healthy before the treatment.

Fixed Bridges

Dental bridges are cement retained prosthesis that uses neighbouring teeth to fill the space for missing teeth. Neighbouring teeth are filed down so that crown-like structures can be cemented on top of them with a false tooth in between to fill the space. At Bridge Dental we offer expertise in this area so you can be sure you are in capable hands.

Nervous patients

We understand some patients have a phobia/fear of dental treatment. To ensure you are as relaxed as possible we offer oral valium to calm very nervous patients. Oftentimes this is just enough to take the tension away and get patients across the line. You can be sure your experience at Bridge Dental will be as comfortable as can be. Referrals for intravenous sedation and General Anaesthetic can be made if needed.


Assessment for all patients to check current dental health. This appointment includes: Full dentition charting of present, absent, decayed and filled teeth gum/perio pocket charting to check for gum conditions A full soft tissue exam to check for ulcers, lumps, bumps, growths etc. also known as an Oral Cancer Check EO(extra oral) examination TMJ ,muscles and glands. Routine Xrays may be taken 

Gum Treatment

Gum disease, also known as perio disease, can be accelerated by a history of diabetes, stress, smoking, poor oral hygiene and hereditary. Our hygienist will remove calculus and plaque deposits from your teeth and gums. Multiple visits may be required depending on severity of gum condition. Our hygienist also advises patients on how to keep a good level of oral hygiene at home. In severe cases, a periodontist/gum disease specialist referral can be made.

Nightsplints & Sportsguards

Nightsplints are made for patients who suffer from clenching and grinding. If left untreated, teeth can become cracked, TMJ can flare and headaches can occur. It isn't possible to stop grinding as it is an unconscious behaviour. Most people do it in their sleep. The nightsplint creates a buffer to prevent tooth-on-tooth contact which protects teeth from fracturing. It can also alleviate some of the tension in the jaw as the bite is slightly propped open. Impression required. Sportsguards are available in most colours. A name and phone number can be put on the guard if needed.  Impression required.

Dental Xray

At Bridge Dental Surgery we can carry out small intra oral Xrays to detect bone loss and interproximal decay. This are typically taken every couple of years at routine exam visits. We also have OPG Xray facility. These panoramic Xrays can be used to check for bone loss associated with gum disease and to check facial nerves or sinus cavities in relation to the roots of larger teeth . With an OPG we can also detect jaw fractures/dislocation, cysts, abscesses and supernumerary (extra) teeth. OPGs are also used for children prior to orthodontic treatment to check the path of erupting adult teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants can replace one or more teeth without affecting bordering teeth. Implants can also support a bridge and eliminate the need for a removable partial denture. They also provide support for a denture making it secure and comfortable. At the Bridge Dental Surgery we restore implants. We liaise with a surgeon who places the implants after consultation. Once the surgeon is satisfied that the implant has bedded in successfully (12-15 wks), we take some impressions and fit the finished implant crown within a few weeks. Implant crowns typically take 3-4 weeks to fabricate in a laboratory. The process takes about 5 months from start to finish.




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